As I race and compete in Duathlon’s and Triathlons (both Standard and Ironman), I’m wanting to raise both money and awareness for charities. I have carefully chosen two charities, one that works in the UK and one that works out in Sierra Leone. Both are amazing and the work they do is incredible.

Scope (

Scope_(charity)_logoI am planning on doing Ironman Wales this year which will also be for an amazing charity called Scope that offer expertise and local knowledge, providing free, impartial and expert information, advice and support to disabled people and their families across England and Wales on a variety of topics including cerebral palsy, families and parenting, communication, education, therapies, money and work.

If you would like to donate then please do so here.

Alive and Well (

AliveAndWellAlive and Well is a charity that provides fresh water wells in the SE region of Sierra Leone, in villages where there is desperate need and where contaminated water is the single biggest killer of young children in this area. Started by a small group of like-minded people from a wide range of professions and backgrounds all having the unifying wish to make use of the advantages and opportunities they have had to help others. So in 2009 that decided to not just raise money to aid the people of this poverty stricken country, but to try to do something about it themselves.

If you would like to donate then please do so  here.


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