2016 Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote


2016 ITU World Championships – Aviles, Spain


2016 Challenge Rimini, Italy


2016 ETU European Championships – Kalkar, Germany


2016 San Francisco


2016 Yungaburra Triathlon, Australia


2015 ITU Adelaide World Champs and Australia

IMG_2576 IMG_2574 IMG_2807  Adelaide Team Photo 20-24 Adelaide Team Photo Standard Finishers Board Group Finishers Board2

20x30-ACKA1020 20x30-ACMA1355 20x30-ACRX2181 20x30-ACRX1596 20x30-WWWW5238IMG_2906 IMG_2915

IMG_2948                                     IMG_2953

2015 Lanzarote Training 

WK36WED 3429 WK34MON 1751 WK37 - MON 1538  IMG_1864 IMG_2165 WK34MON 1805IMG_2120 IMG_2127  IMG_2196  WK37 - MON 1538  WK37 - MON 1562IMG_2069 IMG_2209 IMG_2306       

2015 ETU Geneva European Champs

 swim team photo2 IMG_1560IMG_1572IMG_1509IMG_1517IMG_1521  IMG_1520

2015 Warwick University Varsity

Varsity TT4 black smile

2015 ETU Alcobendas European Champs

IMG_1137Alcobendas 2Alcobendas1


2014 Ironman and Long Course Wales and training in Lanzarote

Ironman 5Ironman 4Ironman 30800_0057750800_0211910800_0211920800_014673

0800_034623               0800_037324


ZAK 031ZAK 097ZAK 084ZAK 086

WK33WED 4637WK 34WED 4199  WEEK34 - Mon 2601WK36WED 4091   IMG_3965IMG_4007

Wales_Sportive_2014_895020x30-DAMF039920x30-DAME0066Wales_Marathon_2014_IC464720x30-DAMD0328Dambuster Photo 3

After bikeClub La SantaClub La Santa

2014 ITU Pontevedra World Champs



The first time I qualified for Worlds

Always time for another race...turned out to be a lovely day and where I qualified for Worlds.

Always time for another race…turned out to be a lovely day and where I qualified for Worlds.

Getting ready to race.

And we're off...

Younger me at Lanzarote 

Enjoying the amazing view...definitely worth the morning ride to get here!!! Lanzarote Triathlon



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