Sponsors and Support

Thank you very much to all my existing sponsors that have helped me get to where I am today, allowing me to compete and train around the World, at the level I am. I’m so appreciative of all that you’ve done and I know I wouldn’t be where I am without you, so thank you.

Days Out (www.daysout.co.uk) 

days out logo no background

Days Out is a company that saves you money on days out around the UK, whether it’s going to a zoo, paint balling with a couple of friends or even going to theme parks they have over £40’000 worth of vouchers.

Thank you very much for supporting me financially ever since the very beginning, namely the 2014 ITU Pontevedra World Championships, buying a new helmet, shoes and even part of my new bike.


Apex Bike Performance (www.apexbikeperformance.com)

apex logo no background

Thank you so much, Apex Bike Performance, for helping and supporting me with my duathlon and triathlon ambitions by giving me an amazing bike fit on the Apex bike, gaining ‘free watts’ with no extra training. Along with offering financial support .towards my amazing bike, and of course, all of the top quality knowledge you’ve provided me with.


Stamford School Old Stamfordian’s Club


Thank you very much to the OS Club at Stamford School that gave me some financial support towards going to the 2015 ITU World Championships in Adelaide, Australia, where I came 11th, 2nd Brit and pre-qualified for the 2016 ITU Aviles World Championships. I would’ve also come 5th and 1st Brit if it wasn’t for a self-inflicted time penalty. The support from the OS Club allowed me to compete at the highest level and I’m very grateful for their help.


Cycle Transfer (www.cycletransfer.co.uk)


I am happy to announce that Cycle Transfer is one of my new sponsors and I look forward to working with them. They provide a great transport service for your bike to your events, making it a hassle-free and easy solution. They’ll come pick it up, fully assembled (no need to take off those pedals, seats, headsets or wheels anymore), take it to your race location, do a service on it, making sure that it’s in race condition and allow you to travel stress-free and allow you to focus on everything else.


TORQ (www.torqfitness.co.uk)

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.10.44

I’m very happy to announce that I have now become an ambassador for the TORQ brand and they have agreed to help support me both with nutrition and kit. Their highly advanced nutrition products deliver everything you need before, during and after your activities, whether that’s whilst training or racing. Their products really do help and the range of flavours they offer are great. During races, my favourite is the ‘Raspberry Ripple’ gel, it’s compact, easy to digest and delivers what the body needs when the body needs it, if you time it correctly. It’s definitely well worth trying out!!!


Better (www.better.org.uk)


I’m very happy to announce a new sponsor, namely Better, who have awarded me with the GLL Sports Foundation, which allows me to use all of their sporting facilities whether the gym, pool or a class allowing me to get on with training at their numerous locations around the UK and focus on my training, allowing me to get the most out of myself and providing a great space for me to train. They exist to make community services and spaces better for everyone. In practice, that means investing all surpluses back into providing quality leisure, health and library facilities for the good of the communities where they operate.


Warwick Physio + Rehab (www.warwickphysio.com)


Warwick Physio and Rehab have also offered some sponsorship and I’m so grateful for the support they offer me as I continue my sporting pursuits. Their support has allowed me to compete at the highest level whilst remaining injury free.


1Life (www.1life.co.uk)


1Life is a forward-thinking lifestyle and management solutions company that engages with people in local communities to enhance lives through health and wellbeing, physical activity, learning and the arts. They manage over 45 Local Authority venues nationwide covering leisure centres, swimming pools, golf courses, theatres, nature parks and the National Centre Craft and Design, serving around 12 million customer visits per year. They try to inspire and encourage everyone to get the most out of their 1Life.

Thank you 1Life, especially the Spalding and Stamford branch, that have agreed to support me with my swim training and allow me to have full access to their pools, train when it’s convenient and get the most out of my training sessions.


Warwick University Triathlon Club

Warwick logo

Thank you so much for all of the training, advice, support and friendship that you’ve all given me. It has been an amazing journey and I hope to continue training with you in the future.


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